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Enchanted Apple Cider

Let this enchanted fragrance wake your senses. Snow White doesn’t need a prince to rouse her with this magical apple medley on the scene. Ripe Macintosh apples and a dab of cotton blossom frame this crisp yet subtle scent experience.

The Romans, often heralded with perfecting the art of cider-crafting, were not its inventors – that honor is reserved for the residents of the southern European countryside before 55 BC Evidence of this period’s dedication to the art of making apple cider can still be found, where buried grinding stones for pulping apples have been unearthed by historians. The cider enjoyed by our ancient ancestors will never be reproduced; the orchards of that day were allowed to mingle and create utterly unique flavors, but that timeless scent that unites history with the present, and the present with fantasy, can be enjoyed right now.

This 100% soy candle is set in a hand-smoothed recycled wine bottle and is part of a green initiative dedicated to environmental responsibility, freshness, and quality. Non-toxic, clean burning, and eliminating landfill clutter, every purchase contributes to reducing our environmental footprint.

Love Enchanted Apple Cider? Enhance your aroma experience with a scent pairing: light an Enchanted Apple Cider and a Mint Julep from our Vintage collection to experience Apple Julep.

The finely muddled mint of the Julep and the crisp apple scent of Enchanted Apple Cider become the refined cool aroma of the Apple Julep. Alluring and sharp, this olfactory duo will burn harmoniously in your home or office space.



Reviews (2)

Paula Calta May 24th 2017

scents are Devine!

I think your scents are Devine! I purchased wax melts at Holiday Market! They outlasted all others!

Jill and Mike May 24th 2017

The Best!

Absolutely the Best Best Scented Candle Ever!

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