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Mint Julep

Your day at the Derby wouldn’t be complete without this classic cocktail. Mint Julep’s clean and minty lightness will invigorate your senses – the perfect victory toast as your horse crosses the finish line.

The infamous leisure drink of the Kentucky Derby, in all its fashion and high class, the Mint Julep actually originates from the Middle East. A drink known as a Julab, a mixture of rose petals muddled with water, was a desperate attempt to make often tepid water palatable. By the time the idea caught on in the American South, and potentially influenced by the Mojito, which was also popular in the Caribbean, making the drink out of bourbon quickly replaced the notion of water. Post-Civil War saw the peak of this drink’s popularity, and to this day die-hard mint-lovers can experience it on Derby Day, or anywhere else mixologists adhere to that small bit of history. But luckily, you can experience Mint Julep any day of the year.

This 100% soy candle is set in a hand-smoothed recycled wine bottle and is part of a green initiative dedicated to environmental responsibility, freshness, and quality. Non-toxic, clean burning, and eliminating landfill clutter, every purchase contributes to reducing our environmental footprint.

Love Mint Julep? Enhance your aroma experience with a scent pairing: light a Mint Julep and an Enchanted Apple Cider from our Fantasy collection to experience Apple Julep.

The finely muddled mint of the Julep and the crisp apple scent of Enchanted Apple Cider become the refined cool aroma of the Apple Julep. Alluring and sharp, this olfactory duo will burn harmoniously in your home or office space.


14 ounce candle in recycled wine bottle with 100% Soy and essential oils.  Burn time approximately 60 hours. 


14 ounce candle in recycled wine bottle with 100% Soy and essential oils.  Burn time approximately 60 hours. 


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Reginald Stone May 24th 2017

Mint Julep!

Love this! It's a great company with great people. Their personalities are great and it's a cool ideal

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