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 Pumpkin Ale

This favorite autumn ale epitomizes the taste of the season. Formulated with a mix of pumpkin, spices, and just a touch of vanilla, the hearty warmth of our Pumpkin Ale truly shines – move over pumpkin pie!

The origin of pumpkin beers and ales stems from the colonial era where malt was difficult to get a hold of, and pumpkins, an American-native species that many British colonists had never seen before, was plentiful. Pumpkin flesh in the ale’s original concoctions replaced malt altogether as the main source of fermentable sugar. The lamentable lack of good food or drink for early settlers was bad enough that the first American folksong was dedicated to how pumpkins were eaten with nearly everything. Fortunately, nowadays we have a great deal more variety, and the seasonal Pumpkin Ale brew and scents are once again something to savor.

This 100% soy candle is set in a hand-smoothed recycled wine bottle and is part of a green initiative dedicated to environmental responsibility, freshness, and quality. Non-toxic, clean burning, and eliminating landfill clutter, every purchase contributes to reducing our environmental footprint.

Love Pumpkin Ale? Enhance your aroma experience with a scent pairing: light a Pumpkin Ale and a Twisted Brandy Pear from our Fantasy collection to experience Brandied Pumpkin Pie.

The warm malt scent of the Pumpkin Ale marries the mellow caramel notes and of the Twisted Brandy Pear to create the confection known as Brandied Pumpkin Pie. Like the smell of dessert baking in the oven, this olfactory duo will burn harmoniously in your home or office space.


14 ounce candle in recycled wine bottle with 100% Soy and essential oils.  Burn time approximately 60 hours. 


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Rick Jan 6th 2017

Awesome Scent

Very nice candle. Burns well with great scent. Nice to look at even when not burning.

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