Midnight Merlot | Soy Candle

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Midnight Merlot:

Let this enchanted fragrance wake your senses. 


The fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including cardamom seed oil and clove leaf oil.


Note Profile:

Top: Plum, Aromatic, Ozone

Middle: Flowery
Base: Vanilla, Amber


14 ounce candle in recycled wine bottle with 100% Soy and essential oils.  Burn time approximately 60 hours.  


Reviews (2)

Jeff Buka May 24th 2017


My wife brought 2 of these home the other day and I actually thought the scent was great. Midnight Merlot was my favorite.

ernestomaestro8@gmail.com Jan 11th 2017


I didnt believe it when i was watching it on 7 News so quickly i went to their site and bought it. The True ?? IN LOVEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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