Pink Moscato | Soy Candle

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Pink Moscato

Sweet passion fruit and tangy guava blend with notes of pineapple, pear, and strawberry to create the perfect warm weather candle. Pink Moscato is infused with natural orange and elemi oils as well as other essential oils.

Moscato wine is everywhere. You can find it spanning a thousand years back in a dizzying number of places around the world, which many believe indicates that the Muscat grape, the variety from which Moscato wine is derived, is one of the oldest wine-making grapes in the world. Its scent is so unique that many can only describe it as a “Muscat aroma,” which is floral and has a similar chemical composition to mint, citrus, and cinnamon. A desert wine at its finest and known for its ability to incorporate other fruit flavors into its naturally sweet profile, Pink Moscato is a pleasure to smell as much as it is to taste.

This 100% soy candle is set in a hand-smoothed recycled wine bottle and is part of a green initiative dedicated to environmental responsibility, freshness, and quality. Non-toxic, clean burning, and eliminating landfill clutter, every purchase contributes to reducing our environmental footprint.

Love Pink Moscato? Enhance your aroma experience with a scent pairing: light a Pink Moscato and a Currant to experience Currant Liqueur.

The tangy guava punch of the Pink Moscato and the floral fruity bouquet of the Currant take on the mantle of the classic Currant Liqueur. Tart and refreshing, this olfactory duo will burn harmoniously in your home or office space.

14 ounce candle in recycled wine bottle with 100% Soy and essential oils.  Burn time approximately 60 hours. 



Reviews (5)

Denise Fioretti Mar 12th 2018

Amazing Candle

This is the most Wonderful candle I’ve ever had. I was lucky enough to find one for the first time in the HARDROCK casino Hollywood Florida. The scandal is so amazing I don’t have words for it. It was worth every cent. My favorite candle of all time. Feel blessed to have finally found an amazing cancel makes my home spell so nice

Holly Oct 20th 2017

Pink Moscato

This is my very favorite candle! It burns every day in my office and I also love it for the home. Amazing scent!!!

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