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You will have to try our best-selling Currant scent to find out what all the buzz is about!! This aromatic herbal scent is a jazzy blend of geranium, jasmine, and sweet red currant – a luxurious balance to any high-end wine varietal.

Currants, also known as “Corinthian Raisins” were first written of in 75 AD, describing their thick skin and juiciness. Then, nearly a millennia later, they resurface as trade through Venetian handlers and merchants begin to export currants produced from the Ionian coast. They earned their name as “raisins” in the 15th century, named for Corinth, the port that primarily dealt in their trade. Over time, the name Corinth traded languages and regions, and eventually became “currant,” which is used today. It’s odd to think of something so common as a raisin being so old or so exotic, but the ancient essence with a fresh twist can be yours in our Vintage Currant candle.

This 100% soy candle is set in a hand-smoothed recycled wine bottle and is part of a green initiative dedicated to environmental responsibility, freshness, and quality. Non-toxic, clean burning, and eliminating landfill clutter, every purchase contributes to reducing our environmental footprint.

Love Currant? Enhance your aroma experience with a scent pairing: light a Currant and a Pink Moscato to experience Currant Liqueur.

The tangy guava punch of the Pink Moscato and the floral fruity bouquet of the Currant take on the mantle of the classic Currant Liqueur. Tart and refreshing, this olfactory duo will burn harmoniously in your home or office space.


14 ounce candle in recycled wine bottle with 100% Soy and essential oils.  Burn time approximately 60 hours. 


Reviews (2)

Roman Giamarese Jun 9th 2017

So Pleased!

I am so pleased to be carrying Tipsy Candles at The Red Hydrant Pet Spa and Boutique. The quality of their candles are simply wonderful.

Steven May 22nd 2017

My favorite!

This is one of my favorite fragrances and labels!

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